Howdy!  Welcome to English II--World Literature

    English II students are currently reading Lord of the Flies and learning something new every day.  Ask your student about the book! 

    Please remember, when a student is absent, he or she needs to contact me before or after school, check the week's assignments on the board in the classroom, or check lesson plans on this website to ensure he or she is keeping up with assignments.   If a student is out of the classroom, content learning will be missed.

    Our character trait for October is PERSEVERANCE.  We will all fail at something at some point in our lives; life will knock us to our knees.  It is how we recover and how we learn from failure that gives us the strength to try again!  Perseverance is a life skill that gets us back up--off of our knees--and moves us forward!  Perseverance pushes doubt away and gives us hope.  We can all persevere! 

    10 BOOK CHALLENGE:  Please continue to encourage your learner to read!  If your English II student reads 10 books (and meets the librarian's criteria) by December 11, he/she may exempt my semester exam!  Reading is learning!  Visit the local library!  Read to a rock!  Reading takes us anywhere we want to go.  Every book is an adventure.  

    I am thankful to be teaching such amazing students here at Whitney High School! I am happy to be here each and every day! 

     Please see my lesson plans page, calendar, and any links that I've added.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  



Last Modified on October 19, 2017