Enrichment and Honors Classes

  • Whitney Middle School Parent,


    We would like to keep you informed of our math classes and requirements at Whitney Middle School. In order to better serve our students, two math classes for each student will be provided.


    We have two teachers per grade level. In addition to this, students in a regular math class, will be enrolled in two math classes. The first class will be the regular grade level math course. The second class will be a math enrichment class, where students will have time for the following:


    • Review of basic skills needed for a strong math foundation
    • Review of daily lesson for concrete understanding and additional support
    • Time for additional practice on grade level skills


    Students enrolled in an honors math class will have their grade level honors math class, as well as a math enrichment class. Students in Algebra will only be enrolled in the Algebra course. The following enrollment requirements are to ensure students in these honors classes, are truly ready for the rigor and depth that they will be exposed to. All students who wish to earn a place in the honors math program will have to meet the following criteria for placement:


    • 5th, 6th, and 7th graders to be considered for 6th and 7th grade honors, and 8th grade Algebra 1
      • STAAR results will be evaluated
      • Must have had a 90 as a yearly average in 5th, 6th, or 7th grade
      • Must be granted teacher recommendation


    • To remain in the honors math class, students must maintain an 85 average for each 6 weeks. Math and Math Enrichment will be averaged together for 6th grade classes, because of the way the curriculum is designed. Students can be in honors all year long with an 85 average, and will not be permitted to continue in the program without a 90.


    • Students who do not complete assignments or are behavior issues will not remain in the honors class or be granted teacher recommendation for continuation for the following year.


    The purpose of the two math classes and consistent placement for honors classes, is to ensure student success in math, in middle school and beyond. Our goal is to help create independent thinkers, who can solve math problems with confidence. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to creating positive math experiences with our students.


    Thank you,


    Wayne Redding and the Middle School Math Department

Last Modified on October 9, 2015