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ART I-IV Syllabus

  • The Art classes at Whitney High School are designed to teach students basic and advanced skills outlined by the implementation of the Texas Essential Skills and Knowledge (TEKS).  One does not have to have "talent" to be successful in art.  A good attitude and openness to learning art will allow the student to be successful.  

    Purpose: High School Art is a course that provides an introduction to art through a multi-media experience. Students will learn and apply the elements and principles of design to produce creative art projects that reflect their understanding of these concepts.

    Materials: You will need: *a pencil *an eraser *A canvas, at leat 8x10 or larger, that can be bought at the Dollar General, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, etc., your creative mind

    Daily Expectations: My expectations of students are that you use your class time wisely and work on the project at hand.  You must participate.  You may only do art work in art.  If the teacher catches you doing other work, the work will be taken up and not returned.  

    If you miss class: Stop in and ask what you need to do.  You may have to take work home or come to study hall to get caught up.  YOU are responsible for work you miss when you are out.  The district grading policy for late work will be enacted.

    Conference time:  5th period

    Grading: Your grade in art will come from the following: Doing what is assigned and meeting the objectives of the project.  A rubric will be provided for every work of art you complete.  You will receive the following grades:

    *Daily grades:  50% of your six weeks grade (This includes daily work, vocabulary, quizzes, etc.)

    *Test grades:  50% of your six weeks grade (This includes written tests, projects, and final art compositions)


    *Be on time, inside the classroom, before the tardy bell rings.

    *Keep your hands, shoes, supplies, etc to yourself.

    *Be kind to others with your attitude, words, and actions.

    *Come prepared to learn and participate.


    *First infraction; warning to student

    *Second infraction; conference with student

    *Third infraction; conference with parent

    *Fourth infraction; referral to office

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