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    *Parents: please read this syllabus with your student then sign and return the last page to Mrs. Thomas by Friday, August 25th, 2017. This is the first grade of the six weeks!!



    This course is designed to provide students with fundamental knowledge of the Spanish language, as well as the culture and history of the Spanish-speaking world. Students will have daily assignments, as well as numerous vocabulary and grammar tests. Students will work both individually and in groups to complete daily assignments or dialogues practicing Spanish grammar and vocabulary. Each chapter covers a different element of the Spanish language, such as food, the classroom, and entertainment. Additionally, in each chapter, students learn about different Spanish-speaking countries and regions. There will also be various projects over Spanish-speaking countries, famous Spanish-speakers, etc.

    OBJECTIVES: The 5 C’s.

    Students in Spanish class are working to be able to

    COMMUNICATE using the Spanish language to read, write, and converse
    in bilingual COMMUNITIES at home & around the world,
    demonstrate an understanding of other CULTURES,
    CONNECT with other subjects (using Spanish to acquire information),
    and make COMPARISONS between different languages & cultures.


    Textbook:   Pearson- Texas Autentico Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3

    Student will need:

    - 1 package of highlighters

    - 1 large spiral notebook (for Spanish class only). The organization and completeness of the notes/assignments in your binder will be graded each 6 weeks for a test grade!)

    - 1 folder or binder (to store loose-leaf Spanish papers)

    - Pencils / Pens

    - Assorted project materials throughout the year.



    - Please arrive to class and be in your assigned seat on time. Upon entering the classroom, please use this time before class to make sure you have everything you need (sharpened pencils, tissue, etc.). If the door is closed, please knock briefly and courteously, then wait patiently.

    - By the bell, all students should be working on their warm-up assignment. The assignment will be listed on the whiteboard and should be started before the bell rings. Bell-work is required and is part of the students’ graded assignments.

    - By the bell, please have your homework on your desk ready to be picked up. It will be collected when the bell rings at the beginning of every class period. If turned in after that point, it will be considered LATE.

    - Please work independently unless you are working on group assignments.

    - When I need your attention or when I need to quiet the class, I will raise my hand and count down (TRES, DOS, UNO). You are expected to stop writing, drawing, reading, or conversing and give me your full attention.

    - Remember, the bell does not dismiss the class, your teacher does. Please clean up any mess made before leaving. Please do not pack up to leave until I announce that you can do so.

    Procedures may be changed or added, but will be rehearsed and discussed with the class.



    Students will act appropriately and respectfully at all times in both words and actions.
    Hateful verbal or written remarks concerning race, gender, sexuality, political views, appearances, or of any other type will not be tolerated. This applies to serious as well as to “joking” comments.

    Please do not throw ANYTHING in our class, be kind to others and keep your hands to yourself.
    Note:  the teacher’s desk, phone, and computer are completely off limits at all times.

    Students will put 100% in all they do. You are expected to participate in class. (If an assignment is given work on it. If notes are being given, take them.  If there is a discussion, pay attention and provide appropriate input.  If you working in a group, do your part of the work).
    Success is a reflection of the effort you exhibit. If you work hard, you will excel in our class!

    Students will respect and follow the rules and procedures of both my classroom and the school.
    Please make sure you read the Student Code of Conduct.
    REMINDER: No food, gum, or drinks in the classroom.

    Students will arrive to class on time and prepared to learn.
    Cell phones, iPads or any other electronic devices will only be permitted when permission has been given to use them as educational tools.
    You are expected to raise your hand and be recognized before speaking.
    You are expected to remain seated unless you have permission to do otherwise. If you need to get up for any reason, please raise your hand.
    Discipline Plan as Outlined in the W.H.S. Code of Conduct:

    Violations of published classroom rules and/or procedures established by the teacher constitute Level 1 Offenses under the Campus Discipline Management Plan.

    First Offense: Verbal Warning
    Second Offense: Teacher conference with student
    Third Offense: Phone call home
    Fourth Offense: Office referral by teacher


    Students should use honest and fair means in completing tests, quizzes, assignments, or projects. If a student plagiarizes, copies, or cheats, he/she will receive a ZERO and his/her parent(s) or guardian(s) will be contacted. Additionally, a record of the incident will be sent to the office. Also, there is no talking during quizzes or tests.



    Your grade for each six weeks will be computed as follows:

    -Tests/Projects:  50%   

    -Daily: Quizzes, In-Class Assignments, Participation and Homework:   50%

    Students will have: at least two Test/Project grades per six weeks & at least 10 daily grades, per W.H.S. grading policy.

    Grade reports will be given every six weeks and will be updated in the online gradebook on Mondays.


    Make-Up Work:  If you are absent from class, you will need to find out what you missed the day you return to school. PLEASE stop by my classroom before or after school to pick up the missed assignments! It is difficult to get you caught up during class time. You will receive any assignments that were missed and WE will determine a reasonable date as to when those assignments should be completed.  Most often you will only get what the handbook requires…One extra day per day you were absent.

    Late Assignments:  If you fail to turn in your daily assignments on time for any reason other than excused illness, the following will apply:

    1 day- highest possible score a 70.

    2 days or more- highest possible score a 50.

    (Exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis by administration.)


    No projects will be accepted after due date & time unless prior arrangements have been made or due to an excused absence (and then only the allotted time stipulated in the handbook)

    Tutorials: Tutorials will be offered every morning, Monday through Friday, 7:45 to 8:00. If a student needs extra help after school, I will be more than happy to accommodate them as long as I have advanced notice.



    Videos used in the classroom are presented to enrich students’ understanding of historical or cultural Spanish events and matters. In a few instances, editing has been performed to ensure suitability for classroom presentation.



    I have a webpage on the Whitney ISD / High School website. You can access it by going to www.whitney.k12.tx.us, at the top of the page click the “our schools” drop down menu and select Whitney High School, select the Faculty tab, and select Thomas Paulina from the list of teachers. It contains basic information regarding my class and syllabus. PLEASE NOTE: I will mainly use Remind to convey information.



    If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail me Paulina.thomas@whitneyisd.org or call me at school during my conference period: 4th (10:55-11:40am) at 254-694-3457. 


    Thank you and I am looking forward to a great year!

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