• Welcome to PE!

    Name: Jennifer Ryan
    Email Address: jennifer.ryan@whitney.k12.tx.us
    Phone number: 254-694-3456

    We are going to have a fun and active year in PE!
    The goal of PE is to get the children moving in a fun and active way.  Many different sports will be introduced to the children to build their locomotor skills and plant the seed of a life full of fitness and good health.  Your child needs to wear clothes and footwear that will help them move comfortably and keep them safe duing class. 
    Students will be participating in Mile Club.  This is part of our Walking Wednesday schedule.  Students will go to the track every Wednesday and walk, run, skip, or jog around the track and enjoy a time of fresh air and fitness with their friends.  Each child's laps are counted and charted so the children can see how far they have gone this school year.  The class with the most laps at the end of the year is treated to a FITNESS ROCKS! party.  Please make sure your child is wearing comfortable clothes and shoes every Wednesday.
    Family fitness is also promoted at Whitney Elem.  We have a Family Walking Night every month.  Bring the whole family and enjoy a fitness evening with family and friends.  Your child's laps will be counted for their Mile Club laps and the family's laps will go to their class total for the Fitness Rocks Party contest. 
    As costs go up and budgets grow leaner, we must look for new more economical ways to provide our children with the physical education equipment they deserve. Box Tops for Education are a simple, cost-free way to obtain this equipment.
    We are asking everyone to help by saving Box Tops 4 Education and give them to our elementary students or bring them to Whitney Elementary.  Every chid is rewared when he/she brings Box Top 4 Education. 

Last Modified on August 18, 2016