• 5th Grade Science Classroom Rules


        1.            I will enter and leave the classroom quietly without talking.

        2.            I will stay in my seat and raise my hand to get permission to talk or to get out of my seat.

        3.            I will be prepared for class by bringing all my supplies with me.

        4.            I will follow instructions, both oral and written, and if I do not understand I will raise my hand to ask the teacher for help.

        5.            I will not handle or touch anything in the science class until given permission by the teacher.

        6.            I will not disturb or disrupt the class in anyway, that prevents my learning or the learning of others.

        7.            I will respect myself and all other students in the school.

        8.            I will respect and use my manors when talking to all adults in the school.

        9.            I will not use inappropriate language or hand gestures at school.

    10.            I will keep my hands, feet, and all other objects to myself.


Last Modified on September 7, 2012