• Whitney Intermediate School

    Science Laboratory Safety Contract


         1.            I will act responsibly at all times in the science classroom.


         2.            I will follow the teacher’s directions and make sure I understand what to do.  If I do not understand what to do I will ASK my teacher questions until I do understand.


         3.            I will wear safety goggles along with the appropriate clothing at all times as directed by my teacher. Example: long-hair will be tied back, closed toed shoes, no loose fitting clothing, and dangling jewelry.


         4.            I will wait for permission from my teacher to begin any experiment or use any science tools.


         5.            I will mix materials ONLY when directed by the teacher.


         6.            I will cleanup my science area at the end of each activity. Dispose of any waste materials.


         7.            I will notify my teacher immediately if I spill or break something so that she can direct the cleanup.


         8.            I will NEVER taste, eat, smell, touch, or drink in the science classroom unless instructed to do so by the teacher. I will not smell any materials without using the “wafting” method.


         9.            I will wash my hands before I touch my face, mouth, eyes, and other parts of my body, or clothing after I have worked on a science activity.


    10.            I will know where the fire extinguisher is located in the classroom.


    11.            I will notify the teacher immediately of any unsafe actions by other students.


    12.            I will NEVER enter or work in the storage room unless supervised by a teacher.








    I understand I will be removed from the science activity by the teacher if:

    ·        I am behaving in such a manner that might cause injury to me or other students.

    ·        I did not follow the safety rules for the science activity area or the science activity being performed.

    ·        My personal appearance or dress is such that I could cause injury to myself or other students.

    ·        I have not completed the Science Safety Quiz.

    ·        I have not returned the signed Science Safety Contract.




    I _________________________________(student name) have read each of the statements in the Science Laboratory Safety Contract and understand these safety rules. I agree to follow the safety rules and any additional written or verbal instructions provided by the school district or my teacher.


    I ___________________________________(parent or guardian name) have discussed these rules with my child and feel that my child understands what they mean and the consequences for removal from the class.


    Student Signature _________________________          Date ______________________


    Parent Signature __________________________          Date ______________________


    Home Phone ___________________                       Work Phone _____________________




    Date teacher received signed contract ________________________


Last Modified on August 15, 2018