• Reading Awards

    Library/Reading Awards


    1.       AR Point Club Award:   total AR points earned  (every increment of 50 starting at 100)


    2.       High AR Point Earner Overall:    3 total-  1st, 2nd, 3rd places 


    3.       High AR Point Earner per Grade:    9 total-  1st, 2nd, 3rd places


    4.       Texas Readers Are Leaders Award:    met criteria in folder (10 Fiction chapter books, 10 Non Fiction)


    5.       World Reader Award:   met criteria in folder (7 books, 1 from each continent)


    6.       Texas Bluebonnet Award:    met criteria in folder, (read 15 out of 20 books on the list)


    7.       Wildcat Overachiever:   students that earned 10 points over their AR goal each Six Weeks


    8.       Library Citizen:   6 total   (1 boy, 1 girl per grade that has completed Texas, World, and Bluebonnet Reading Awards. They know the library well, and are helpful to other students.)


    9.       Six Flags’ Read to Succeed (met Six Flags criteria, and will receive Six Flags ticket)
    10.  Million Word Club:    students reading at least 1 million words during a school year.
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