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    S. Hayes (Choir)


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    Membership in Middle School Choir and High School Concert Choir is by signing up; in the High School upper ensemble (Jazz Cats) membership is by audition. Repertoire is of varied quality and is chosen to represent a wide range of periods and styles. Choir is an elective in which the student will participate daily by singing. The student will be challenged to improve their singing abilities by using proper posture and breathing techniques. Students will be reading musical notation and applying the elements they have learned to reach performance level. Students will be challenged to begin sight-reading and singing music before they have heard it played on the piano. Students will be required to attend several concerts throughout the year. May be repeated for credit.


    A. To provide students with a high quality performance choir (s).

    B. To perform choral literature.

    C. To provide an environment for vocal development, both as an individual and as an ensemble. D. To provide opportunities to learn about music; its development, construction and expression. E. To create awareness about different styles of music, with emphasis on the various historical and cultural styles within Western traditions.

    F. To increase awareness of how music is unique in its expressive and communicative nature, particularly non-verbal aspects.

    G. To provide a place of belonging, a sense of unity, and a source of fellowship for students.

    H. To engage artistic culture at the highest levels of complexity and competence.


    A. No text required to buy. Music is currently supplied to students by the Choir Department. Music will be issued to students and must be returned for credit. Replacement costs will be charged.

    B. Plain Black three-ring binder - 1½ ".

    C.   FALL SHOW DRESS  Choir T-shirt & Blue Jeans

         FORMAL CONCERT DRESS (Christmas & Spring)

    MEN: Black pants, white dress shirt, black socks, black dress shoes.

    WOMEN: Black pants or skirt (long), white shirt, black dress shoes.


    Students in a choral ensemble are required to put forth their best effort at all time.  

    A. Students are expected, at this level of distinction, to excel in dedication. Members will strive for and be evaluated on:

    1. Mastery of performance literature including:

    a. Pitches and rhythms b. Texts and translations c. Diction

    d. Phrasings and dynamics e. Memorization when required

    f. Expressive elements of the choral art

    2. Punctual attendance at all rehearsals and performances.

    3. Fulfillment of policy expectations for rehearsal and performance.

    4. Attendance at sectional and small group rehearsals.

    5. Completion of all assignments, exams and job tasks.

    B. These will be assessed and graded by:

    1. Attendance records (rehearsal and performance)

    2. Group exams

    3. Individual exams

    4. Instructor observations - Including evaluation on rehearsal and performance

    C. Attendance at all rehearsals is of the utmost importance. Schedule appointments, projects and homework (including study groups) for other classes, etc. at times other than rehearsal.

    All must attend- critical work is done in rehearsal.

    D. Missing a concert results in a failing grade.   Exceptional circumstances may be negotiated with the director.

    E. Extra rehearsals are needed only if students are not putting forth their best effort in regularly scheduled rehearsals. An exception will be a performance with multiple ensembles. (Fall Show) *Critical situations may demand extra rehearsals, but efficient work in normal structure by all members should preclude this necessity.

    F. Grades are based on the following:

    1. Daily participation – 50%

    2. Performances – 50%

    H. PLEASE NOTE: It is not difficult to get a good grade in this class- show up on time, practice and learn your music. - All members are expected to earn an "A" or "B" at this level of selectivity. If you receive something other than an "A", you must correct the situation. A student receiving a "C" must re-audition and be re-admitted into the upper ensemble (Jazz Cats). A student receiving a failing grade will only be re-admitted into the ensemble after a meeting with the director, administrator and parents.  There will be opportunities for “extra credit”.  If a student attends a musical performance outside of WISD and brings a program from the performance with written notes describing the concert experience “extra credit” will be given.  


    A. Students will be seated by sections (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass). The director reserves the right to hear each student individually to place them in sections. Students will come into the room promptly, get their folder and go to their seat. When warm-ups are begun on the piano, students will be expect to quit their private conversations and give 100% of their attention to the director for the rest of the class period.

    Every rehearsal will follow the same format:

    1. Attendance and Warm-up

    2. Sight Reading & Music Theory

    3. Read through music, rehearsing individual parts or sections

    4. Complete read through

    5. Repeat last two steps with additional music selections

    B. When the director is rehearsing with individual sections, the groups NOT rehearsing are to follow along in their music, using their inner ear to hear their parts. They are not to sing along, talk or move around the room. Rehearsal will finish 2-3 minutes before the end of the period to give students time to return music folders to cabinet. (Please do not take them home.)


    Efficient rehearsals are essential. Focus is expected at all times. Choir members are responsible for all material and information covered in rehearsal. To accomplish this a few simple principles must be followed:

    A. Excellent attendance is expected as described above.

    B. Punctuality is expected as described above.

    C. 100% participation and concentration.

    D. All cell phones, pagers, beepers, watches, etc. must be inactivated. No phone calls during rehearsal.

    E. Every member must have his/her OWN music in hand at all rehearsals.

    F. Every member must be equipped with a pencil and make judicious markings. - A direction or instruction (such as breath, phrasing, diction, etc.) need only to be given once. - Always mark music accurately and completely.

    G. Conversations between choir members are unnecessary. - Please refrain from personal and social activities during rehearsal.

    H. Sit or stand in assigned formations. They are designed for specific purposes.

    I. Absolutely NO food or drink in rehearsal room (this includes coffee, tea, latte, candy, etc.). Water is the only exception. - Keep rehearsal room neat and orderly.

    J. Professionalism is expected at all times - during rehearsals, performances and anytime we are in contact with others (visitors, tour, etc.).


    Professional performances are essential. Focus is expected at all times. To accomplish this, a few simple principles must be followed:

    A. Attendance is required.

    B. Punctuality is required. Be prepared at the right time and place. - Fulfill jobs promptly and lend a hand when assistance is needed (set-up, tear-down, etc.)

    C. All cell phones, pagers, beepers, watches, etc. must be inactivated.

    D. Every member must have his/her OWN music in hand at all performances. - You cannot "share" or "look over shoulders" in performance. - On entrance/exit, carry music away from audience.

    E. Line-up and perform in assigned formations. No exceptions except by director.

    F. No noise or talking "back-stage" or "on-stage." - Listen carefully for any last moment instructions.

    G. Behaviors "on-stage" are to be professional. - No conversations, gum-chewing, scratching or other distracting behaviors are acceptable. - Be disciplined but SMILE and COMMUNICATE!

    Be an artist!

    H. Concert Dress required for all performances unless specified by director.

    I. Personal appearance is to be professional. - Hair to be neat, clean and out of your face.  Avoid anything that draws attention to an individual (jewelry, incomplete concert dress, etc.).

    J. Professionalism is expected at all times - Respect and honor other performing groups in joint performances. - Be an example of excellence anytime we are in contact with others (before, during and after a performance).

    CHOIR CALENDAR (campus specific calendar available)

    Monday, Oct.  9 MS combined Fall Show practice 4-4:45 MS Choir Hall

    Tuesday, Oct. 10 HS & MS combined Fall Show practice 4-6 Auditorium

    Wednesday, Oct. 11 HS & MS combined Fall Show practice 4-6 Auditorium

    Thursday, Oct. 12 HS & MS Fall Show 6:30 Auditorium

    Sunday, Oct. 15 Zombie Run 5:00 State Park

    Friday, Nov. 10 Veteran’s Day Program TBA  HS TBA

    Sunday, Dec. 10 Community Christmas Celebration 6:00 HS White Bluff Chapel

    Thursday, Dec. 14 Christmas Concerts 6:00 MS Auditorium

    7:00 HS Auditorium

    Saturday, Feb. 10 UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest (HS only) All Day University HS

    Tuesday, April 10 Jazz Cats Clinic 4-6 HS Band Hall

    Wednesday, April 11 Jazz Cats Audition 4:00 HS Band Hall

    Thursday, May 3 Spring Concerts 6:00 MS Auditorium

    7:00 HS Auditorium

    TBA MS Festival & Spring Trip TBA MS TBA

    TBA HS Musical Arts Awards Dinner TBA HS WHS

    Monday, May 28 Texas State Solo & Ensemble All Day HS Pflugerville
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