Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. David Davis

I currently teach all Biology, Honors Biology, and Biology Accelerated Learning.. 

Conference Period: 3rd  (9:50 - 10:35)






Instructor Information:

            Course: Biology or Pre-AP Biology

            Instructor: David Davis

            Phone: (254) 694- 3457 Ext. 5105



Course Description:

Biology is devoted to the study of living things and their processes. Throughout the year this course provides opportunities for students to develop scientific process skills, laboratory techniques, and an understanding of the fundamental principles of living organisms. Students will explore biological science as a process, cell structure and function, genetics and heredity, evolution and classification, diversity of living organisms and their ecological roles, and an introduction to animal structure and function. A mid-semester and end of course exam will be administered in December and May respectively, each exam will cover all information that has been covered during that semester.



  • To teach students practical scientific skills, which they can use to investigate, study and explain the world around them.
  • To give students a deeper understanding of how Biology impacts their daily lives.
  • To encourage the spirit of scientific investigation and with it the attitudes of accuracy in thought and work.
  • To prepare students to achieve at an acceptable standard on the STAAR exam required, by the State of Texas, for each student to pass in order to graduate from High School.


  • Each six weeks grade will consist of 50% minor and 50% major grades. Major grades may include lab exams, major projects, unit exams, and presentations. Minor work may include class work, homework, quizzes, labs, activities, and participation. (Listed items do not represent an exhaustive list of items that may be graded!)
  • Lab Work- Labs are a mandatory part of this class. Laboratory reports are required for some labs.
  • Major Projects- research projects may be assigned throughout the year. Each project will include a handout of details and expectations.
  • Semester Exams
  • A minimum of 2 major grades and 10 minor grades will be taken each six weeks.



  • 2 inch Three Ring Binder
  • Paper
  • Mechanical Pencil’s (.7 mm only)


Each student will need to bring to class items to be donated to the class for the school year. The item highlighted or circled below needs to be brought to class before the end of the second week of school!

One package of Mechanical Pencils

3 Pack of Kleenex

3 Pack of Paper Towels

Class Policies:

  • Makeup Work
  1. If you are absent it is your responsibility to obtain any assignments you missed while you were gone.
  2. Approved absences – you have one day plus one more day for each excused absence to make up your work. This includes minor grades and major grades.
  3. Missed exams must be taken before or after school.
  4. If you are absent from a lab you must make special arrangements to come in before or after school to make up the lab or get an alternative assignment.
  • Late work- All work must be turned in, credit may be subtracted from the final grade but will always be accepted.

Classroom Expectations:

  • Students are expected to be in their seats and ready when the bell rings.
  • Materials (three ring binder, pencil, and paper) must be brought to class each day.
  • The laboratory and room must be clean at the end of each class period before anyone will be allowed to leave.
  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • Follow all instructions given by the teacher or listed in the lesson.
  • All school rules will be followed as stated in the student handbook.
  • All safety rules must be followed in order to be allowed to participate in labs.
  • Have a positive attitude!
  • Give your best effort on every assignment!
  • Ask lots of questions!
  • Study materials on a regular basis (daily) in order to be successful!

I expect that each student will come across material that they will find to be difficult or simply uninteresting to them. My expectation is that in all circumstances each student will give me their best effort in spite of the difficulty or their particular interest level.


I expect every student to speak up and discuss content during class when asked to share their thoughts. You don’t have to be right but you do have to try.



Topic Outline for the Year:

Biology is a rigorous course that demands personal responsibility from the student. Students are strongly encouraged to complete nightly study of each day’s notes and/or labs in order to be prepared for exams and to be ready for the STAAR exam at the end of the year.

Below is the general outline for the year with approximate timelines:

Unit 1: Science Safety and Evidence-Based Thinking                   4 Days

Unit 1: Ecology                                                                              14 Days

Unit 2: Biochemistry                                                                      10 Days

Unit 3: Cells                                                                                   14 Days

Unit 4: Cellular Processes: Photosynthesis and Respiration           8 Days

Unit 5: Cellular Processes: Cell Cycle                                           12 Days

Unit 6: Cellular Processes: Protein Synthesis                               13 Days

Unit 7: Genetics and Heredity                                                       15 Days

Unit 8: Evolution                                                                            15 Days

Unit 9: Classification                                                                       7 Days

Unit 10: Viruses, Bacteria, & Protists                                             7 Days

Unit 11: Plant Structures & Adaptations                                        10 Days

Unit 12: Body Systems                                                                   7 Days

Unit 13: Making Connections                                                        10 Days


Dear Parent or Guardian,


I am looking forward to the coming school year and the opportunity to teach your son/daughter Biology.  Please contact me at any time during the school year if you have any questions or concerns.  I hope to help your child have a very successful experience this year in biology.

I feel that you should be informed regarding the school’s effort to create and maintain a safe science classroom/laboratory environment.  With the cooperation of the teacher, parents, and students, a safety instruction program can eliminate, prevent, and correct possible hazards.  Please read the list of safety rules with your child.  No student will be permitted to perform laboratory activities unless this contract is signed by both the student and parent/guardian and is on file with the teacher.

Please look over the classroom procedures and policies, scope & sequence, and the lab safety rules and sign below.  Your signature indicates that you have read and understood the policies, rules, and safety issues regarding this class.

Science Laboratory Safety Contract

  • I will act responsibly at all times in the laboratory.
  • I will follow all instructions about laboratory procedures given by the teacher.
  • I will keep my area clean in the laboratory.
  • I will wear safety goggles at all times in the laboratory and protective clothing when necessary.
  • I know where the fire extinguisher is located in the laboratory and have been trained on its use.
  • I will immediately notify the teacher of any emergency.
  • I know who to contact for help in an emergency.
  • I will tie back long hair, remove jewelry, and wear shoes with closed ends (toes and heels) while in the laboratory.
  • I will never work alone in the laboratory.
  • I will not take chemicals or equipment out of the laboratory without permission from the teacher.
  • I will never eat or drink in the laboratory unless instructed to do so by the teacher.
  • I will only handle living organisms or preserved specimens when authorized by the teacher.
  • I will not enter or work in the storage room unless supervised by a teacher.

Students should sign in the appropriate space below and return the entire page to the teacher. This is the first daily grade for the year!!! (Free 100)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I, ________________________________________ have read each of the statements in the Science Laboratory Safety Contract and understand these safety rules. I agree to abide by the safety regulations and any additional written or verbal instructions provided by the school district or my teacher.

________________________________________________          ______________________

Student Signature                                                                             Date


_______________________________________________           ______________________

Parent/Guardian Signature                                                              Date

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