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    2021-2022 Intermediate School Supply List


    Date:  01/31/2022

    Dear Parent/Guardian of __5th___ grade girls:  

    Whitney ISD will be conducting spinal screenings on:  _____February 17, 2022_____________

     The purpose of spinal screening is to detect the signs of abnormal curves of the spine at their earliest stages so that the need for treatment can be determined.  Scoliosis, a common spinal abnormality found in adolescents, is a sideways twisting of the spine.  It is usually detected in children between 10 and 14 years of age.  Kyphosis, sometimes called round back, is an exaggerated rounding of the upper back and is often confused with poor posture.  Many cases of curvature of the spine are mild and require only ongoing observation by a physician when they are first diagnosed.  Others can worsen with time as the child grows and require active treatment such as bracing and surgery.  Early treatment can prevent the development of a severe deformity, which can affect a person's appearance and health.


    The procedure for screening is simple.  Screeners who have been specially trained will look at your child's back while he/she stands and then bends forward.  For this examination, boys and girls will be seen separately and individually.


    Parents will be notified of the results of the screening only if professional follow-up is necessary.  This screening procedure does not replace your child's need for regular health care and check-ups.

    According to state law, girls must have two spinal screens, one in grade 5 and again in grade 7.   Boys are required to have a spinal screen one time in grade 8.   

     Thank you for your cooperation.


    Nurse:  Jeanne Thompson

    Phone:  254-694-7303

    Registraion Dates

    July 27th& 28th: 8am-3pm

    July 29th: 8am-8pm 

     2021 - 2022 REGISTRATION FORMS


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     The following items are required at the time of registration:

    New Students: Please bring current proof of residency w/physical address listed (utility bill, lease agreement, etc), student(s) birth certificate, student(s) social security card, report cart or withdrawal record from previous school (if available), shot records, driver license of parent/guardian registering the student(s).

    Returning Students: Please bring current proof of residency w/physical address listed (utility bill, lease agreement, etc.), driver license of parent/guardian registering the student(s), and any documents that may be missing from previous years.


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