• Physical Activity


    The District has implemented, in accordance with law, a coordinated health program with physical education and physical activity components and shall offer at least the required amount of physical activity for all grades [see EHAB and EHAC].


    In addition, the District establishes the following goals for physical activity:

    • The District provides an environment that fosters safe and enjoyable fitness activities for all students, including those who are not participating in competitive sports.
    • Physical education classes regularly emphasize moderate to vigorous activity.
    • The District encourages teachers to integrate physical activity into the academic curriculum where appropriate.
    • The District encourages parents to support their children’s participation, to be active role models, and to include physical activity in family events.


    • The District established the following goals to create an environment conducive to healthful eating and physical activity and to express a consistent wellness message through other school-based activities:
    • Sufficient time is allowed for students to eat meals in lunchroom facilities that are clean, safe, and comfortable.
    • Wellness for students and their families is promoted at suitable school activities.
    • Employee wellness education and involvement is promoted at suitable school activities.

    The director of human resources and student health advisory committee shall oversee the implementation of this policy and shall develop administrative procedures for periodically measuring the implementation of the wellness policy.

Last Modified on June 28, 2010