Welcome to PPCD!


    Email: christin.birch@whitneyisd.org

    Phone: (254) 694-3456


    Morning PPCD: 7:55-10:55     

    All Day PPCD: 7:55-3:05       

    Conference Time: 1:30-2:30


    Our Preschool Program for Children with Disabilites is a great program!  It's more than a classroom, it is nurturing support for your child.  Your child will gain a strong foundation for lifelong learning by demonstrating high cognitive and fuctional skills, as well as positive social-emotional skills. This program helps your child become independent through scheduled routine activities and independent life skilled tasks. PPCD also helps prepare your child for kindergarten by giving them extra time to learn how a classroom runs. It provides a postive classroom environment where individualized guidance and support make learning fun and creative!


    Skills that your child will be working on thoughout the year:


    -Fine and Gross Motor






    Please enter the information below to connect to my Remind Me App! It will help me send alerts to you throughout the year about anything important that I need to let you be aware of.





    730-750: Arrival

    755-815: Breakfast

    815-820: Restroom Break

    820-845: Circle Time

    845-930: Centers

    930-935: Restroom Break

    935-1005: Small Group Activity

    1010-1030: Recess

    1040-1110: Lunch

    1055: Morning Dismissal

    1115-1120: Restroom Break

    1125-1145: Ipad/Computer Time

    1145-1210: Excerise

    1210-110: Centers

    115-130: Smal Group Activity

    130-225: Nap Time

    225-235 : Snack Time

    240-300:  Recess

    305: Dismissal