• Howdy! Welcome to the wonderful world of Pre-K!


    Name:  Ahleasha Hope
    Email Address:  ahleasha.hope@whitneyisd.org
    Phone number:  254-694-3456
    Conference:  2:15-3:00

    Welcome to Pre-K...Where it ALL begins!
    The big day has arrived, your child has entered school for the first time.  It is our plan to make the coming year a positive experience for you and your child.  It will be a year filled with physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth for your child.
    How you can help
    Many parents want to know what they can do to prepare their child for school, and how to make their child's school experience a good one.  You may help by following these suggestions at home:
    *read to your child daily                       *provide your child with plenty of reading material
    *limit the amount of TV your                 *make sure they eat a well-balanced diet
       child watches                                     *see that they go to bed at a reasonable hour
    *visit the library, zoo, museums             *help your child develop a positive attitude
    *stay involved in their education              toward school and learning
    We are using Frogstreet Pre-K4 The basic guide for curriculum is adapted from the state Pre-Kindergarten guidelines. See link: http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/ed_init/pkguidelines/PKG_Final_100808.pdf
    The format of our classroom will be a center's approach.  Your child will be allowed to choose which center he or she wants to go to, and to move to another center when ready.  These centers will include blocks, table games, pretend , discovery, art, writing, computer and library.  Each will be carefully set up to provide specific learning experiences for your child, and will be changed at regular intervals.
    Learning centers provide children with many advantages.  The are allowed to make their own choices, and are free to learn independently and at their own level of development.  Centers invite children to learn with hands-on experience by seeing, talking, feeling, listening, and touching.  Also,  the teachers are free to work with children one at a time and to watch their progress as individuals.
    Daily Schedule
    Below is a peek at what the Pre-K day looks like:
    Shared Reading & Writing
    Board Work
    Centers Time
    Clean Up/ Share
    Lunch & Snack
    Music & Movement
    Small and Large Group Time
    Outside Play


    School is GREAT, School is FUN, Ready or Not, Pre-K Here We Come!



Last Modified on August 16, 2021