Mrs. Aitken
                                                                                                    Angel Durham 
    HOMEWORK: Please try to call for homework preferably by 10:00. This enables our staff time to gather work.  Any work gathered will be available to pick up after 2:00.
    ABSENCES: Please notify the office at 254-694-3457 of days your child will miss school.  Upon returning back to school a note is needed in the office within three days.
    STUDENT ILLNESS:  Students should not use their cell phones to call home when feeling ill.  They should see the campus nurse.  The nurse will then notify the parent should the student need to be sent home.
    TARDIES:  Tardies include late arrival to school and to class.

    1st thru 4th  tardy is a warning.

    5th tardy will require lunch detention for one day.

    6th tardy will require lunch detention for one week. 

    7th and subsequent tardies will require ISS for each accumulated tardy (w/parent notification)
    Tardies will reset at the end of each grading period.